Battery Cross Reference

The list below will allow you to cross reference your battery number to find the Renata number you will need to use on the shopping cart. Once you know the battery reference number, enter it in the search along the top of our website to quickly take you to the battery details

301301SR43SW V301301  S1142E 226D280-01 SB-A8 SR43 
303303SR44SW V303303  S1154E  A280-08 SB-A9 SR44 
309309SR754SW V309309  S754E 70T    SR48 
313313  V313313     280-06  MR44 
315315SR716SW V315315   614HA280-56 SB-AT SR67 
317317SR516SW V317317D317  616CA280-58 SB-58 SR62 
319319SR527SW V319319  S526E 615 280-60 SB-AE/DE SR64 
321321SR616SW V321321D321  611DA280-73 SB-AF/DF SR65 
323323  V323323    C  SB-C3 MR48 
325325  V325325     280-02 SB-C1 MR41 
329329SR731SW V329329D329         
335335SR512SW V335    622 280-68 SB-AB   
337337SR416SW  337          
339339SR614SW V339339D339         
341341SR714SW V341341D341  627      
343343  V343343D343  218B280-05  MR42 
344344SR1136SW V344344D344  242    SR42 
346346SR712SW V346346D346  628 280-66 SB-DH   
350350  V350 D350  604    SR42 
354354  V354354       SB-C8 MR43 
357357SR44W V357357D357H S1154E 228J280-62 SB-B9 SR44AG13
361361SR721W V361361D361 S721E  X280-53 SB-BK/EK SR58 
362362SR721SW V362362D362 S721E 601S280-29 SB-AK/DK SR58AG11
364364SR621SW V364364D364 S621E 602T280-34 SB-AG/DG SR60AG1
365365SR1116W V365365D365         
366366SR1116SW V366366D366  608 280-46    
370370SR920W V370370D370 S921E 620Z280-51 SB-BN SR69 
371371SR920SW V371371D371 S921E 605 280-31 SB-AN SR69AG6
373373SR916SW V373373D373  617WA280-45 SB-AJ/DJ SR68 
376376SR626W V376376D376 S626E 619MA   SR66 
377377SR626SW V377377D377 S626E 606BA280-39 SB-AW SR66AG4
379379SR521SW V379379D379 S521E 618JA280-59 SB-AC/DC SR63AG521
380 SR936W           SR936 
381381SR1120SW V381381D381 S1121E 317 280-27 SB-AS/DS SR55 
384384SR41SW V384384D384 S736E 247 280-18 SB-A1/D1 SR41 
386386SR43W V386386D386 S1142E 260H280-41 SB-S8 SR43AG12
389389SR1130W V389389D389 S1131E 626M280-15 SB-BU SR54AG10
390390SR1130SW V390390D390 S1131E 603 280-24 SB-AU SR54 
391391SR1120W V391391D391 S112E 609L280-30 SB-BS/ES SR55AG8
392392SR41W V392392D392 S736E 2478K280-13 SB-B1 SR41AG3
393393SR754W V393393D393 S754E 255F  SB-B3 SR48AG5
394394SR936SW V394394D394  625 280-17 SB-A4 SR936AG9
395395SR927SW V395395D395 S926E 610LA280-48 SB-AP/DP SR57 
396396SR726W V396396D396 S726E 612V280-52 SB-BL SR59 
397397SR726SW V397397D397 S726E 607N280-28 SB-AL SR59AG2
390390SR927W V399399D399 S926E 613W280-44 SB-BP/EP SR57AG7
LR43166   RW84        LR43 
LR44A76LR44  RW82LR44 L1154  KA280-904 SB-F9 LR44357A
CR1025CR1025CR1025   DL1025       CR1025 
CR1216CR1216CR/BR1216  BR1216DL1216       CR1216 
CR1220CR1220CR/BR1220  CR1220DL1220   PA  SB-T13 CR1220 
CR1225CR1225BR1225  BR1225DL1225       BR1225 
CR1616CR1616CR/BR1616  BR1616DL1616 CR1616  YA280-200  CR1616 
CR1620CR1620CR1620  CR1620DL1620 CR1620  EA280-208  CR1620 
CR1632 CR1632   DL1632         
CR2012CR2012    DL2012         
CR2016CR2016CR/BR2016  CR/BR2016DL2016 CR2016 CR2016FA280-202/4/6 SB-T11 CR/BR2016 
CR2025CR2025CR2025  CR2025DL2025 CR2025 CR2025NA280-205 SB-T14 CR2025 
CR2032CR2032CR/BR2032  CR2032DL2032 CR2032     SB-T15 CR2032 
CR2320CR2320CR/BR2320  BR2320DL2320    280-201  CR/BR2320 
CR2325CR2325CR2325  BR2325DL2325      SB-T12 BR2325 
CR2430CR2430CR2430  CR2430DL2430 CR2430      CR2430 
CR2450nCR2450N CR2450   DL2450       CR2450